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Conference "Construction. Architecture. 4.0" has an association to the 4th Industrial Revolution while trying to show that construction technologies and market are also constantly improving. This might be seen in the engineering, architectural or construction management processes. 

With this event we aim to bring together architects, real estate developers and engineers to discuss the most important trends, changes and challenges in nowadays construction market. And also to share good experiences as well as future visions. These questions will be answered in very different and diverse presentations that will be prepared by both architects, engineers, manufacturers and developers. 

The conference is free of charge and open to anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge in the field of real estate market and meet professionals working in this field.

Conference presentations will be partly in english, partly in lithuanian. In order to participate registration is needed.




Giuseppe Blengini
SBGA | Studio Blengini Ghirardelli Srl, Architect

"Made in Italy: A new way of living the real estate and the interior design"

Made in Italy Design is not only a synonymous of artisan quality of Italians companies, but also a style of life that moves from the quality of architectural space, building shape and city life space. After a 15years work experience with Daniel Libeskind and 5years with Massimiliano Fuksas I had the chance to demonstrate that Made in Italy is a broad though which defines architectural choices giving elegance and quality to people’s life. Not just shape but a great awareness of signs and spaces: This is the winning move for a conscious and contemporary project.

Susan Jayne Carruth
GXN, Architect

"Building Circular Futures"

Due to unprecedented rates of development and increasing resource scarcity, we face a pressing need to re-imagine our built environment in terms of closed loops of materials and energy rather than traditional linear models. GXN is an innovation company based in Copenhagen, which has been developing strategies for circular futures since 2009, including cradle-to-cradle principles, circular economy models and design for disassembly. This lecture will explore these strategies and illustrate them through R&D projects and architectural case studies.

Wolfgang Riederer
Peikko Austria

"Innovative slim floor concepts"

Nowadays, buildings have to become more and more efficient. In terms of overall costs, building time, quality, long term flexible usage and operational costs. Because of this continues increasing requirements, pre-built and  precast element solutions are a good answer to meet this challenges. As well are slim floor constructions are increasing the efficiency of space.

Dr. Arne Riekstins
University of Monterrey, professor and architect

“Parametric architecture for professionals”

We can go straight from Computer Aided Design to Computer Aided Manufacturing and apply all accumulated knowledge to the designs. But there is an educational gap that needs to be filled to catch up the latest parametric thinking and set it as the new standard for future architecture professionals. I will share fundamental know-how of the latest tendencies and its application through newly materialized experiments of advanced 3D designs.

Audrius Tulaba
"INHUS Group" UAB, general manager

"Today‘s solutions for precast concrete: from idea to building"

In order to create added value and make life easier for our customers, we implement projects of precast concrete and steel structures while using „Design-build“ method. In this case we take all the responsibility from designing part to construction. During presentation there will be analized differences between „Design-build“ and traditional construction projects, as well as today’s most relevant precast concrete building solutions and architectural possibilities.

Darius Kvedaravičius
"YIT KAUSTA" UAB, development manager

"BIM - a space for fluent cooperation"

"YIT Kausta" has already been using BIM for many years while applying digital modelling to all self-developed real estate projects. Digital construction is not the future of building industry but rather the present that we should adapt to. We need to take full advantage of technologies and make cooperation between different parties even more efficient.

Ville Tarvainen
Sweco Finland, Project manager

”Advanced composite structures”

Composite structures have been widely used in Scandinavia especially in office and commercial buildings. Nowadays lot of co-operation and design tools ARE needed throughout the project. This lecture will go through the typical composite structures in Scandinavia and benefits of those through case studies. From the first steps of the project to the final building from civil engineer’s point of view.

Conference Schedule

SEPTEMBER 21st, 2018

10:00Arne Riekstins - "Parametric architecture for professionals" (EN)
10:45Darius Kvedaravičius - "BIM - a space for fluent cooperation" (EN)
11:30Wolfgang Riederer  - "Innovative slim floor construction" (EN)
13:15Ville Tarvainen - "Advanced composite structures" (EN)
14:00Audrius Tulaba - "Today‘s solutions for precast concrete: from idea to building" (LT)
14:45Giuseppe Blengini - "Made in Italy: A new way of living the real estate and the interior design" (EN)
15:30Susan Jayne Carruth - "Building circular future" (EN)
16:30End of conference


We kindly ask you to register for the conference. All registered participants will be provided with a conference kit and free lunch in the Zalgiris Arena Restaurant "Sala".

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